APRIL 2020

Are we going to Celebrate Easter !! We sure are !!! Drive In Worship Sunday April 12 @ 10:30 am .. Let’s fill every spot of our Property up with a vehicle .. Invite and tell folks to come Worship with us .. God is moving, some more great things to report on this Sunday .. I am so ready, What about you !!!!

Since we could have no Easter Egg Hunt this year we invite the parents to bring their children on Saturday April 11 @ 10:30 until 11:30 am .. You will be ask to Drive through and a Special gift will be given to each child by a Special Guest .. ( you can’t park and get out, you must drive through ) We want your child to know that we as a church still Love them

Friday Evening April 10 @ 7 pm, We are having a Drive In Communion Service .. On your way in you will be handed a sealed packaged wafer and juice and it will be a night of Remembrance .. ( You will be parked and you need to stay in your vehicle ) .. Will you join us for this special Service !!!

More details as they are available