cotton field no bg soft 5William Love owned much of the land around the “spring”. Mr. Love built the spring up with white marble and native stone. Therefore, the community got its name Love’s Springs which became Love Springs because that was more easily said. Tobacco and cotton were farmed with mules. In June 1925, Rev C.T. Allen came into the community of Love Springs. Curtis Cash brought Rev Allen to Love Springs, Rev Allen stayed at Mr. Cash’s home while holding a 2 week revival. Services were held in the old one room Love Springs School House.

Mr. Eleck Smith offered the use of his land to the community if they would buy the building and move it to Mr Smith’s land. Rev Allen stayed on as pastor after the revival for 2 years. In 1945 Rhett Whelchel gave an acre of land to build a church. It was started and the outside was finished in 1946 with God’s Acre Plan. The church was started on a shoe string. Everyone worked together to raise the money. They farmed cotton and garden plots which they sold to donate money to the building fund.

On the first Sunday in March 1947, we had our first service in the building with only sub floor in. Rev. Vernon Bishop was the first pastor to serve in the new church building. In 1996 a fellowship building was constructed and then in 1999 the church purchased the adjacent 15 acres on which the plans are to build all new facilities to reach a community that is no longer just peach trees but houses full of people.